The Stolen Generations

This composition examines a story that has been underrepresented, preserving and further developing music inspired by the Inuit, First Nations, and Metis (some music which had been banned for 100 years), and integrating it with non-indigenous Canadian culture.   With this work, we will be using music to resist racism and underline the historical significance and danger of abusing power.  The focus will be on providing melodies for children of indigenous and non-indigenous heritage, including orphan, as well as tracing the connections in the music to history -- including its influence from northern Canada to the southern United States.  We will also be working with police in workshops, and use it as a foundation for discussions and treatment of alcoholism and sexual abuse.

This project is being developed with archival information from Maggi Shelton and in collaboration with the guidance of John Domm, Chief of Police, First Nations.