MIdnight's Children

This composition is inspired by Salman Rushdie's novel, Midnight’s Children, which examines questions of loss and political violence.  While providing insights into Indian history and the Partition, its insights into the struggles at the heart of exile and displacement connect closely with the current refugee crisis.

Sound Potential is currently working on developing melodies from this composition that can be used to work with veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

This project is being developed in collaboration with Sir Salman Rushdie (www.salmanrushdie.com) and Alexander Klingspor (www.artofklingspor.com).


For related resources, see a video of Midnight's Children featured at the Soho House (March 2016), with Ittai Shapira in conversation with Sir Salman Rushdie and artist Alexander Klingspor.

Music available here.